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Add A show-stopping speakeasy or whisky bar to your event

Looking for something different to supplement the catering at your event? Look no further!

Wandering Whisky offers pop-up whisky bars and bespoke cocktail design, no matter how big or small the event.


We have a range of bars from a classic cocktail setup to a wooden speakeasy bar, and we even have a bar attached to a bicycle!

For inquiries and to book us, please get in touch!


Pop-Up Cocktail Bars

Our Cask-stave bar from Kilchoman Distillery's Open Day during Islay Festival.

This bar was built from dismantled Kilchoman whisky barrels with staves woven together and fixed to an old welding table. The service stations were lined with Kilchoman tartan and flanked with lamps made from Kilchoman whisky bottles.

The cocktails served behind this bar were all designed by Wandering Whisky to be served using Kilchoman's Single Malts, as well as a gin-based cocktail using Kilchoman's Bramble Liqueur.

Corporate Entertainment

A photo from an investors event for Killik & Co hosted by Wandering Whisky

If you're looking for inspiration for your event, why not get in touch with us. We can provide for all your entertainment needs from pop-up bars to tastings to a cocktail service. Glassware, drinks, staff, you name it. If you have an idea for an event but aren't sure how to execute it, get in touch and we can help you work out logistics.

At Wandering Whisky we are committed to quality, so you can rest assured that we will only be providing you with the drinks we approve of and with staff we trust.

Whisky Stations

A whisky station can be a great addition to your event's catering. Add a big talking point with a bit of something different

We can provide glasswear, whisky, tasting cards and knowledgable staff who can help walk your guests through the whiskies on offer.

Whisky is quickly becoming the drink of our generation, so why not explore what its potential at your event

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